“Coach Dave” Crenshaw has dedicated his life to using sports to empower women. At TEDxHunterCCS, he discusses how his Alma mater opened his eyes to the important relationship between athletics, empowering women, and building community — and how he used these lessons to help heal a neighborhood at…


I chimed in at Quora to a question about whether it’s hard to build a web app to make $1,000/mo. My answer was simple. It’s not hard, but unless you’re aiming significantly higher than $1,000/mo, running a web app that should be available 24x7 simply isn’t worth the time, stress, and added responsibility.


A web-based RSS reader. I’m not terribly keen on the look of the thing—bright colours everywhere!—but NewsBlur is otherwise a slick, well-thought-out app. Definitely worth a try if you’re not wedded to Google Reader.


Another Three-Column WordPress Theme by me


Another Three-Column WordPress Theme by me


(This post is part of News.me’s ongoing series, “Getting the News.” In our efforts to understand everything about social news, we’re reaching out to writers and thinkers we like to ask them how they get their daily news. Read the first post here. See all of the posts, from writers and…

Watch live streaming video from techonomy at livestream.com


Jump to 2 minutes in and listen to Sean Parker talk about Votizen and the future of government.


By Garrett Curley and Jason Hogan

It has come to our attention that a satirical piece printed in The Cadre,New nursing building completed just in time for demolition,” has caused confusion among some readers. The newspaper’s editorial staff wishes to clarify that the story was a satire…


My Tap Tap Handiwork made it on the iPhone Demo Site! 


My Tap Tap Handiwork made it on the iPhone Demo Site! 


Earlier this week, we shared the launch of our first ever Jumo campaigns and are already hearing from many of you eager to get involved.

In the coming weeks, we’re excited to introduce you to some inspiring organizations working to improve lives around the world.

In one of our first ever…

You can’t force it. It has to be authentic.
betashop. From my talk at hackfwd Berlin 12-9-11. (via betashop)